Musicians: Your character is more important than your talent


As a musician of 12 years, I know all of the temptations and pitfalls that one may go through as they serve on a worship team. Especially if you’re on a solid team that exhibits a lot of skill and sounds really good. Humility, meekness, and godly obedience have to be intentionally sought after in these scenarios or you might find yourself struggling with a big head, even if it’s under-the-radar thoughts about how good it sounds rather than how good God is. 

So why is it more important to seek godly character than to seek skill or building your sound? And what can you do to develop your character as you grow in skill?

God looks at the heart

When King David was chosen to be king, it had nothing to do with his skill. He wasn’t big and commanding. He wasn’t an expert military strategist. In fact, it took him over 15 years after his anointing to even become king. 

God anointed David as king because He saw greatness and humility in his heart. God saw that David was a “man after [His] own heart”. I believe God knew that David was trustworthy and could grow in skill as a king without completely losing his head. But why? I believe it had to do with David’s time in the fields of Bethlehem, writing his songs not for anyone’s ears, but because he loved and wanted to know God. 

As musicians, we have to manage our times on stage in that same way. Is the only time we spend with God while we are on stage, or is that just the tip of the iceberg? Do we have a life with God outside of Church? This is vital. 

God used Daniel’s character to change the world

Your character, and your obedience to God, greatly affects those around you, maybe even people you’ll never meet. That’s what happened with Daniel. In fact, he created one of the greatest awareness campaigns for God by simply living his life. 

Daniel was never really looking to change the world, as far as the book of Daniel lets on. Yet his wisdom, excellence, and faithfulness to God caught the attention of kings. These kings made the decree to all the nations of the earth: “He is the living God, and steadfast forever; His kingdom is the one which shall not be destroyed, and His dominion shall endure to the end. He delivers and rescues, and He works signs and wonders, in heaven and on earth…” (Dan. 6:26-27)

A modern day example could look like this: your godly character could some day place you before the President of America. That’s exactly what happened with Daniel. From kidnapped to king’s right-hand man. 

Refuse to compromise

I believe God is looking for musicians that walk in righteousness and set themselves apart from the way the world does things. Society would point a musician one way, but I believe God has a better way. A way that does what most musicians desire anyway: to touch people through music. 

Refusing to compromise with sin gives your music the integrity required to produce an authentic expression of emotion in your music. I really believe God will honor your pursuit of godly character and will anoint your efforts in growing in skill and in song writing.


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