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Learn to combine worship & prayer for more enjoyable prayer meetings using the Harp and Bowl Framework, a communication tool for worship and prayer teams.

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Are your prayer meetings a struggle?

As a leader in your church and someone searching to see more engagement in your prayer meetings, it can be frustrating when your goals of going deeper as a church are squashed by an unengaged congregation.

If you're someone who's ever tried adding worship to your prayer meetings, it can be frustrating when the worship team or prayer leader isn't quite sure what to do and your hopes for passionate intercession gives way to a time of contemplative introspection.

    Does this sound like your prayer meetings?

  • Prayer leader or worship leader are confused about what to do
  • It’s difficult keeping a room engaged in prayer
  • People pray or sing unbiblical things (making pastor nervous!)
  • Prayer is too hard because we don't know what to pray for

See how combining worship & prayer can make your prayer meetings more enjoyable.

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Introducing Harp and Bowl Framework.

Since 2005, we've done the hard task of working through the mechanics of communicating between worship team members, worship leaders, and intercessors. We've asked the tough questions so you can experience the passionate worship and intercession you desire.

That's why we've developed the Online Worship & Prayer Workshop to teach what we call the Harp and Bowl Framework. This communication tool teaches worship teams and intercessors to combine worship and prayer together for enjoyable times of corporate prayer and intercession.

This online workshop will teach you to...

  • Revolutionize your team's communication
  • Define team roles so no one is unsure of what they can or can't do
  • Prophetically sing the Bible with confidence
  • Use the Scriptures as material for prayer
  • Prophesy using your instrument
  • Improvise prophetic music
  • Pick a set list that helps engage the congregation in prayer
  • Get rid of fear and timidity so you can worship and pray boldly!

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Here's how you can use the Harp and Bowl Framework in your church.



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