Online Worship & Prayer Workshop

Learn to combine worship & prayer for more enjoyable prayer meetings using the Harp and Bowl Framework.

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About this online workshop

Online Worship & Prayer Workshop

Prophetic worship & prayer is engaging, beautiful, and powerful. With the right foundations and tools, you can learn to sing prophetic songs that unlock hearts, change lives, and usher in moves of the Spirit.

In this online course and workbook, father and son, Tenney & Evan Olsen lead you to experience greater depths of God's presence through combining worship & prayer.

This online workshop is for worship leaders, singers, musicians, or those with a heart for ministry.

This online workshop will help you
  • Flow musically and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Revolutionize your team's communication
  • Get empowered to sing the Bible
  • Prophesy using your instrument
  • Pick a set list that engages your congregation in prayer
  • Avoid the pain of common worship mistakes

6 Lessons.

In this 2 hour online workshop, learn practical tools to combine worship, as well as the spiritual why behind the what.

Pay What You Want.

We believe so much that this online workshop will help you, that we're offering it at whatever cost you can afford, even if that's $0.

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Learn at your own pace—anytime, anywhere.

See how combining worship & prayer can make your prayer meetings more enjoyable.

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Learn the Harp and Bowl Framework

Since 2005, we've done the hard task of working through the mechanics of communicating between worship team members, worship leaders, and intercessors. We've asked the tough questions so you can experience the passionate worship and intercession you desire.

The Harp and Bowl Framework is a communication tool that teaches worship teams and intercessors to combine worship and prayer together for enjoyable times of corporate prayer and intercession.

What others have said

  • It has made prayer and worship more enjoyable and has helped me, as a worship leader, to unify congregations in enjoyable prayer and worship.”


    Worship Leader

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  • Harp and bowl turned worship into a two-way conversation with God. Before I would just be singing to God about my problems, now I sing to Him about who He is and I am transformed!”



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  • Prayer became a joy because I could approach God from a place of security and confidence, knowing He enjoys even the sound of my voice.”


    Worship Leader

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  • Jonathan
  • Reneé
  • Hannah

Lesson plan

1 Embracing the Harp and Bowl Framework 27:04

The Harp & Bowl Framework is a communication tool for combining worship and prayer together for the purpose of unity in prayer, reaching for the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our meetings, and sustaining longer enjoyable prayer. If we understand the values behind the mechanics, we will more easily embrace the restraints of a framework.

2 The Necessity of Combining Worship and Prayer 31:07

The combining of worship and prayer together is not a new idea in the Church — it’s not even an earthly idea! The harp (worship) and bowl (intercession) go together around the throne of God (Rev. 5:8).

3 Essential Values to Enjoyable Prayer 34:17

The Lord will release joyful or enjoyable prayer to His church. The only type of prayer that will continue night and day is enjoyable prayer. These 7 values are essential if we want to regularly experience enjoyable prayer over many years.

4 A Basic Overview of a Worship Set 34:17

This lesson covers the main ideas in the Harp & Bowl Framework, including a worship cycle, choruses, and responsive singing.

5 Outline for Intercession 14:31

Using mainly the prayers of the apostles, this worship & prayer format is used to engage in intercession on specific topics, including the Church, cultural strongholds, salvation for the lost, healing for the sick, and more.

6 Outline for Worship With the Word 5:09

This covers our Worship With the Word prayer format. This format is designed to function as a discipleship program that provides mentoring and training in the Word. Our desire is to raise up singing theologians or “theologian worship leaders.”

Here's how you can use the Harp and Bowl Framework in your church.



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Worship and Prayer Workshop – Online Course


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