How God Changed a Heart and Saved a Baby

This is a short story to encourage you that the impact of your live is bigger than you think. God can (and I believe does) use you to literally save lives through your simple acts of obedience in regards to opposing abortion.

In the weeks leading up the election, our house of prayer partnered with other Christian organizations to help distribute non-partisan, pro-family, pro-life voters guides to approximately 75,000 people in Tallahassee. A small work force was hired from a temp agency to help go door-to-door and pass out these guides. Given that they were hired from a third-party agency, it’s safe to say that most didn’t agree with the godly message they were passing out.

Over the week of interacting with one of our directors, Pam Olsen; reading the Voter’s guides on abortion and biblical issues over and over again –– as well as through seeing sincere prayers being prayed in the prayer room –– some of these workers’ hearts began to change. One young man said he understands now that the life of the unborn is important to protect. He asked for a LIFE band and the LIFE prayer and covenant was explained to him. Taking the life band covenant, he vowed before God to pray daily for the ending of abortion, to only vote for pro-life candidates, and to do acts of justice & compassion.

Several days later, the day before the presidential election, this young man returned to the prayer room with an indelible excitement. He spoke of how he found out that one of his friends was pregnant and was considering an abortion. This young man told his friend that she can’t abort that baby because it is really a life, and that abortion is murder. “She decided to keep the baby!” said the young man with excitement. He gave her his LIFE band! He asked for another LIFE band and put it on proudly. He was also asked who he would be voting for in the election and he said “all the pro-life leaders, like the voter’s guide shows.”

God used this young man to save a baby’s life! In the process, two hearts were changed and one heart was saved. The repercussions of one’s stand for righteousness and act of obedience ripples beyond our imagination, and multiplies into a resounding shout of truth.

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