Jesus' presence transforms everything.

We are a community of believers from many churches in Tallahassee with a passion to encounter God in worship, impact the world through prayer, and see the nations come to know the love of Jesus.

We are looking for those that are empowered by the belief that Jesus is worthy of worship. Let's join together to build a place of adoration of Jesus that also seeks to impact the world through prayer & action.

How to get involved

For the Church

We aim to inspire the Church to pursue God in worship & prayer

Since 2005, our prayer room has served the Body of Christ in Tallahassee through corporate worship and prayer. Staffed mainly by volunteers, the prayer room unifies many congregations in worship and intercessory prayer.

For the Believer

We aim to foster relationships with Jesus

Corporate gatherings become meaningless if we don't each possess a personal pursuit of Jesus. Psalm 24 tells us that only those with clean hands and pure hearts can live on the hilltop in God's presence. We help believers grow in their relationship with God and pursue holiness in their lives.

For the Mission

Called to the Great Commission

Our mission is to nurture believers who passionately live out the first commandment and go forth to preach the Gospel, striving to fulfill the Great Commission.

For the City

Called to be a governmental house of prayer

Located in the capital of Florida, we have a unique position to minister to our governmental leaders on this capital hill. This has many expressions, including praying over godly legislation, and one-on-one ministry to leaders first as persons and then as officials.

Why prayer and worship?

Prayer and worship focus on what God cares most about: His own glory. The desire for Jesus’ glory to be seen is the foundation of our prayers and the primary reason our worship continues.

We believe praying and singing the Bible releases power to impart God's character and work in our lives. When we come into agreement with who God is and what He desires to do, our lives––and the lives of those around us––begin to change (2 Cor. 3:18).

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