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About Partner Designations

Anna Partner

Anna was the first evangelist and forerunner in the New Testament, praying and fasting for over sixty years before Jesus’ first coming. She was a prophetess who “did not depart from the temple, but served God with fastings and prayers night and day” (Luke 2:36–38). We use the term “Anna” to refer to those with the calling and grace to spend long hours in prayer with fasting and to sustain it for many years.

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Bethany Partner

As a friend and follower of Jesus Christ, Mary represents how to follow the first and great commandment. She lived a fasted lifestyle of pure and simple devotion to Jesus Christ, gave extravagantly of the little that she had, and sat at the feet of Jesus (Luke 10:38–42). She was from the town of Bethany, where Jesus performed many precious healing miracles; thus the name of our “Bethany” healing room for the critically ill.

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Joseph Partner

Joseph was strategically placed by God in a role of authority, and given prophetic insight; thus, he saved a nation through his obedience to the voice of the Lord. We use the term “Josephs” to refer to those called to prosper in the marketplace so that they may make provision for the people of God. These “Josephs” will have the anointing to release the prophetic, strategic thinking and mercy deeds to the nations, impacting leaders and building “cities of habitation” (Ps. 107; Exod. 1:11).

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Daniel Partner

Daniel was a teenager in the Jewish nobility when he was captured by the Babylonians in 606 BC. Through God’s sovereign hand, and his own faithful response, he rose to the rank of governor of the province of Babylon, and became “chief of the governors.” He held the second most powerful position in the nation that ruled the earth, and was used by God not only to control vast amounts of wealth, but also to release the captive Jews from exile in Babylon. He penned the prophetic book of Daniel, and the prophet Ezekiel, with whom Daniel was a contemporary, described Daniel as one with righteousness and wisdom.

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Cyrus Partner

Who was Cyrus?

King Cyrus was a Persian king who endowed the restoration of the Judaic temple in 535 BC. Cyrus used both his wealth and his influence to restore Jerusalem. This influence went far beyond just his subjects: it affected his successors and blessed the Jewish people for centuries to come. There are upon the earth today men and women like Cyrus who control vast amounts of wealth and are using their money for the same types of godly purposes in the twenty-first century. The number of these individuals is growing as God’s purposes advance through the nations.

As a Cyrus Partner we have personal intercessory teams that pray for your family and business as you stand on the front lines of commerce and industry. We love to pray very specifically for all that you are dealing with, protection and wisdom for your family, and strategic divine ideas.

Where do my gifts go?

Gifts from our Cyrus Partners directly fund the prayer room. This includes operations, intercessory missionaries, worship leaders, and singers.

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