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Justice Summit 2017

S March 30–31st, 2017

Speakers: Jared Olsen, Pam Olsen

Israel and the Church Intensive

S November 20–22nd, 2015

Speakers: Jared Olsen, Tenney Olsen

Relentless Conference 2014

C October 9–12th, 2014

Speakers: Dick Eastman, Winkie Pratney, Brian Kim, Matt Lockett, Randy Martinez, Jared Olsen

Prophetic Mapping Seminar

S March 15–16th, 2013

Speakers: Chuck Reber

Relentless Conference 2012

C September 27–28th, 2012

Speakers: Daniel Lim, Matt Lockett, Randy Martinez, Tenney Olsen, Jared Olsen

Relentless Conference 2011

C September 16–17th, 2011

Speakers: Stephen Venable, Randy Martinez, Jared Olsen

End-Times Conference

C January, 2009

Speakers: Jim Maher

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312 Hours of outreach & prayer at Florida State Capitol

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