How to maximize your time with God

The times we spend with God are the most important moments of our lives. Reading the Word and praying are essential disciplines we should all aim for. It’s how we know God. Given the importance of this time, it should be a priority to maximize our time with God.

The funny thing is, whenever I want to spend time with God is when I am generally the most distracted. And tired. It almost never fails to happen: I sit on the bed, open the Bible…and I’m out cold. It’s like a Bible-reading narcolepsy.

But really, if the time we spend with God is the one of the primary ways to know God, why wouldn’t the devil do all he can to distract, confuse, or disrupt this time of meeting? And how can we practically fight to keep this time?

Here is a short list of what has helped me:

  • Schedule your time with God, daily. Some people desire to spend more time with God but fail to plan it into their schedule.
  • Turn off your cellphone, computer, or anything that distracts! Take time to realize it’s not that important for you to answer that text right away.
  • Turn on worship and pray in the Spirit. Worship and prayer both ascend to God as a pleasing fragrance. Having a worship CD on is both enjoyable and effective.
  • Get a Bible-reading action plan. It’s common to want to read and study a lot of books and topics, but most rarely follow through. Desires must turn into action, and having a systematic plan is a great way to help achieve goals.
  • Pray-read the Word. Don’t just read the Word to increase your head-knowledge, but take time to pray what you are reading. “…knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.” 1 Cor. 8:1

Take a hold of your time with God and get serious about meeting with Him to know Him and love Him. Don’t just give up when you read a chapter and feel bored. God’s not boring; it’s we who are boring. Take time to let God change your heart to love His Word.


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