Event Recap: Awakening Service & Worship Seminar with Justin Rizzo

This weekend we were pleased to have Justin Rizzo from IHOP-KC minister with us to a group of around 200 people. This is a short recap of some of the key moments of the weekend.

On Friday night Justin spoke on the biblical foundations of night and day prayer and the primary purpose of constant worship and prayer being worldwide exaltation of Jesus. He stated that the reason to have night and day prayer in a city isn’t just because it’s ‘cool’ or a neat fad to jump on, but it is because Jesus is completely worthy of constant adoration, as found in Heaven at this moment (Rev. 5:8.) We must have a model of replication of the 24/7 adoration and worship of Jesus in Heaven here on the earth (Matt 6:10.) We are to pray and worship 24/7 simply because Jesus is worthy.

Saturday morning was the Worship Seminar that was a close-knit family feel. Justin carried his message over from Friday night and spoke on the model of replication as seen in Rev. 5:8.

After that we opened up the room to have a time of Q&A. Around 30 people asked questions ranging from the practicals of starting a House of Prayer to learning how to help teach a worship team to grow together and in God. I personally believe this Q&A time was special to those who attended as it gave a time of open 2 way dialogue.

Download this weekend’s teaching notes: Biblical Foundations of Night & Day Prayer: Worldwide Exaltation of Jesus

Share your thoughts on how this weekend affected you in the comments below.

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