Relentless Conference 2011

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Believers from all over the north Florida region gathered September 16th and 17th, 2011, to worship, pray, and hear teachings from international leaders. Teaching topics include the Glory of God, the Priesthood of Man, world missions, and intercession.

Featuring teachings from Stephen Venable, Randy Martinez, Tenney Olsen, and Jared Olsen.


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    Track list:

  1. Session 1 — The Glory of God, Stephen Venable
  2. Session 2 — The Priesthood of Man,Stephen Venable
  3. Session 3 — The Vital Role of Intercessors in Changing History, Tenney Olsen
  4. Session 4 — Prophesying Over IHOP-TLH, Randy Martinez
  5. Session 5 — Jared Olsen
  6. Session 6 — The Forerunner Voice in Transitional Generations – Randy Martinez


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