Beginner Piano eCourse

Starting January 23, 2017

eCourse features original music theory-based curriculum taught by worship leaders & missionaries at IHOP-TLH.


eCourse begins January 23rd, 2017

About the instructor

Karina has been teaching piano classes and lessons to all ages for over 7 years, and has passion to see students use their musical knowledge to worship the Lord. Her music-theory emphasis will take students from knowing nothing about piano to confidently playing complete songs and following chord charts.

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  • Age: 12+
  • eCourse begins: Jan. 23, 2017
  • Cost: $18 per class
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Testimonials from Students

The following are quotes from students that completed our Beginner Piano Course!

How was your experience in this piano course?

“I really loved this class, it really motivated me to practice piano at home.”
“Blessed, this piano course really taught me a lot about how to play the piano in a bright and refreshing new way.”
“I loved this course! I learned so much in such a short time and it really helped me understand an instrument I already play.”

Do you feel that you grasped the concepts covered in this class?

“Yes, Karina Olsen truly did an excellent job portraying different musical concepts in an efficient and easy to understand way.”

How did learning in a group setting benefit you?

“It was good, cause then you pressured by classmates to do well.”
“Greatly—we could help each other on our own as well as at class.”
“If someone else had a way of remembering something it was good to hear.”
“Group study truly helped me to grasp the concepts through encouragement.”

Did you receive useful materials and resources to help you learn?

“Yes, useful materials and resources were put forth every lesson.”

Would you recommend this class to your friends?

“Yes, I believe anyone who desires to learn about piano should take this course”

What will you do with your new skill of playing piano?

“Worship the Lord!”
“Hopefully lead/contribute to worship at my campus ministry and/or church.”
“I will press forward towards my goal of writing songs for the Lord and leading worship.”

How well of a job did your instructors do throughout the class?

“Excellent, Karina did an amazing job.”
“Awesome! I love them! They were really encouraging and knowledgable.”

Do you have any suggestions for improving this class?

“Not really… Was a good one!”
“Honest to goodness, I normally write that we should have chocolate cake for other classes—but you guys even had chocolate cake!”

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