Interview with Internship Alumni, Lauren R.

Where were you in life before taking the internship?

In 2010, I was in a real transitional place in my life. I knew the Lord was calling me to ministry, and I felt a pull to the mission field, but I didn’t know where or exactly when.

What made you decide to take the internship?

I heard about the internship, and I felt the Holy Spirit confirming in my heart that He wanted me in it. I decided to commit the next several months of my life to waiting in God’s presence in prayer and fasting in the internship. I knew that I needed to hear a clear word from God, and I was making myself available!

Name a few things God accomplished in your heart during the internship.

During the internship, God started putting His finger on things in my life that needed to change. The more time I spent with Him in the Prayer Room and encountering His heart in the Word and in prayer, I grew closer and closer to Him. I was so in love with Jesus, I was willing to let everything go so that I could just know Him more and be a vessel of His glory in the earth. I was able to hear His voice more clearly than at any time previous to that in my life. I love to watch Him move in answer to our prayers as we pray with faith and in His love.

What was your favorite class during the Relentless Internship and why?

My favorite class during the internship was the Excellencies of Christ. I really felt I grew in my sense of awe of who He is, after spending weeks studying Him in depth, thinking about how Jesus, being God, humbled Himself so much, and took such a lowly place, being born as a baby in a manger to redeem mankind.

Looking back, what would your life have been like without taking the internship?

If I had not taken the internship, I honestly cannot say where I would be. I would probably still be in the same cycle of just going through life, and wondering what God’s will for my life was!

How has your life changed since the Relentless Internship?

He gave me direction and told me that I was going to be spending time on the mission field. I know that He has changed me forever as a result of my decision to take the internship.

What course has your life taken since the internship?

After the internship, He opened the door for me to go to Nicaragua to serve in a rescue home by caring for girls that had been abused. The Lord had me there for a season of seven months before I returned home to Tallahassee, and home to IHOP-TLH! Several months after I returned, I could hear God telling me that He wanted me to commit to join staff at IHOP-TLH.

Who would you recommend this internship to and why?

I would recommend that everyone take this internship, no matter what field one feels called to… and especially if they are not sure what they are called to!

About Lauren R.

Lauren completed the Relentless Internship in Summer of 2010. She served full-time staff at our house of prayer until 2012. She currently resides in Tallahassee with her husband Matt and son Pierson.

Relentlessly Pursuing the Eternal

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