Interview with Internship Alumni, Ashley P.

Tell me a little bit about your life before interning at IHOP-TLH.

In February of 2010 I lost my job. After losing my job I prayed about what the Lord wanted me to do—I didn’t just want to assume I was supposed to find another job and then end up miserable. I felt like the Lord was leading me to take the Relentless Internship that summer, however I got distracted with a relationship and ended up going in the opposite direction. I started looking for jobs, but could never land one. I was planning on going back to school in the Fall, and I actually had all of my classes picked out. But, around the beginning of August the Lord reminded me of the internship and impressed on my heart to take it. This time I chose to obey His leading and signed up.

What did the Lord say that made you decide to take the internship?

The Lord brought me to a place where I was desperate to know His plans for my life. He showed me that the plans I had for my life weren’t really all that great and He told me that He had good in store for me. When I finally surrendered myself over to the Lord—all of my plans, hopes and dreams—He told me to take the internship, so I did!

What did the Lord do in your heart during your time in the internship?

During the internship, the Lord showed me my barrenness. He revealed how great my need for Him really was. But, He didn’t just leave me empty with the realization that I desperately needed Him; He showed me who I am in His eyes. He revealed how much He loves me. During this time of my life I had been struggling really badly with rejection, and felt even like the Lord completely disapproved of me. He shattered all of these lies and drew me into His arms of love. To this day He continues doing this.

What was your favorite class during the Relentless Internship and why?

One of my favorite classes was the Song of Solomon. I enjoyed this class because it revealed the depth of intimacy God wants to have with all of His people. It’s all about a wedding! My heart was so beaten and bruised by condemnation during this time of my life, and taking this class really refreshed my soul. I am still reading through the notes today, and each time I get new revelation of His love for me.

Looking back, what would your life have been like without taking the internship?

Dull and dry. If I hadn’t taken the internship, I most likely would have continued going to school without any sense of direction. I may have even continued in my relationship with the guy I was with. Taking the internship brought me to a place where I could give myself completely to sitting at Jesus’ feet and hearing His voice speak words of life and comfort over me. If I hadn’t taken the internship, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to focus COMPLETELY on what He was saying for my life.

How has your life been impacted by God during the internship?

My life has been turned 180 degrees. I was walking down a path that was leading me to destruction. Taking the internship stirred up a deeper hunger within my heart to know the Lord more intimately. It has placed me on a path that is leading me closer to His heart each and every day.

What has your life been like since the internship?

Since the internship I have joined full-time staff at the House of Prayer. My life has meaning and purpose to it now. I have been set on a course that is filled with joy and adventure everyday. I’m learning how to trust God with my life—I mean everything! I’m sleeping on a blow up mattress in a living room for crying out loud! It has definitely been an interesting journey.

Who would you recommend this internship to and why?

I would recommend this internship to anyone who lacks a sense of purpose for their lives. Take some time to sit before the Lord in total abandon and let Him show you what He created you to do. He won’t let you down!

About Ashley P.

Ashley completed the Relentless Internship in Fall of 2010. Since then, she served on full-time staff at our house of prayer, as well as completed a discipleship training school track with YWAM Kona.

Ashley has a great desire to love the Lord with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength and see the love of God and His justice to break into the darkest places and situations on the earth, especially for victims of human trafficking, the orphaned, the unborn, and the younger generation.

Relentlessly Pursuing the Eternal

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