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What have others said about the internship?

I came into this internship without a lot of vision for how to go deeper with God, but as early as the first week…It was as if scales fell from my eyes as I began to see new dimensions of what it means to surrender, obey, and love God. I feel like a much more solid believer having gone through this internship program, and I now have a greater expectancy for what God is able to do with the rest of my life.Jon, Relentless Internship Alumni, November 2010
The Relentless Internship completely transformed my life. My thinking, my actions, my speech… my entire being was touched by His love and transformed by His fire… During this period, He gave me hope for a future with Him and new vision that I have been seeking for a long while. Taking this internship was more than worth it! Ashley, Relentless Internship Alumni, Novmber 2010
A new sense of maturity and humility had been placed on me by the Holy Spirit. I feel more responsible and more capable to live in Christ…I learned that the more that was required of me, the more I depended on and put my trust in God’s unfailing love, His exceedingly capable hands to take care of me. Caleb, Relentless Internship Alumni, September 2009
I knew God loved me, but I wasn’t really convinced that He liked me. I always thought He was mostly disappointed in me, that if I could be better, then He would like me more. It has been so freeing to experience His love in such a deep and real way, that He looks on me with fire in His eyes, that He is jealous for me. His heart is stirred by my weak love, and my every glance in His direction causes Him to rejoice. Hannah, Relentless Internship Alumni, July 2010
I have grown deeper in my prayer life than ever before, desiring greatly to know the longings of God’s heart, and to pray out of His heart, no longer my own thoughts of wants. There is a burning in my heart to know Him so much more intimately, to feel what He feels, and to live out of this place of constant communion with Him. Lauren, Relentless Internship Alumni, July 2010

Relentlessly Pursuing the Eternal

We invite you to take a season of your life to be immersed in a season of tasting and seeing that the Lord is good; to encounter the heart of the Father; to lay a strong foundation for your life and future; to build a habitation for God's presence; to see the worth of the God-Man Jesus and become a voice in this hour to prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ.

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312 Hours of outreach & prayer at Florida State Capitol

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